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TVT Procedure

The TVT or transvaginal tape procedure was the first of the truly minimally invasive procedures for urinary incontinence. It was designed by Dr. Ulmsted in Sweden in the mid 1990’s. More than 250,000 of these procedures have been performed in the US to date. It has become the gold standard by which all other incontinence procedures are measured. Dr. Moore has performed many of these procedures as well. The same ribbon of polypropylene tape is placed through the same suburethral incision as described above but the tape extends upward behind the pubic bone through two tiny incisions just above the pubic bone on the lower abdomen. While Dr. Moore continues to perform this procedure, the TVT procedure is associated with slightly higher potential for vascular, bladder and bowel injury than the TOT. Long term success rates are available now for the TVT and exceeds 95% in most studies with the majority of patients being completely dry and the others significantly improved. Most failures are due to confounding issues such as very elderly patients who have failed other management trials who desire this type of approach as a last effort at improvement. Since these types of surgeries are so simple for the patients, nearly all individuals qualify for the procedures despite complex other medical problems since they can be done under local anesthesia if necessary.