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TOT Procedure

TOT or transobturator tape is the most frequently performed incontinence surgery performed by Dr. Moore. There have been hundreds of surgeries described for the correction of urinary incontinence but over the past several years, the procedures have become much more effective and are much easier for the patient to recover from.

The transobturator tape procedure involves placing a ribbon of polypropylene mesh which is a permanent fabric approximately one inch wide under the bladder neck or urethra through a small incision in the vagina. The ribbon extends from groin to groin through tiny pokes in the junction of the labia and upper thigh. The discomfort is minimal, activities are rarely if ever disrupted and success is evident immediately. The surgery is easily done as an outpatient. Long term success rates are difficult to assign for newer procedures but in my hands, this procedure has exceeded the success of any other procedure I have performed for incontinence equaling easily the TVT’s documented success in the literature.