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Retropubic Suspension

Retropubic suspensions are performed through an incision similar to a cesarean section incision over the lower abdomen just above the pubic bone. Dissection is carried down to the bladder then to the tissues between the bladder neck and the vagina just below. A hand is used both in the vagina to identify the periurethral tissues and from above to place permanent suture from this area and affix it to the ligaments lining the pubic bone above. This is a Burch retropubic suspension. A very similar procedure called an MMK or Marshall Marchetti Krantz procedure is similarly performed but affixes the sutures to the outer covering of the pubic bone itself. Dr. Moore performed many of these incontinence procedures until TVT and now TOT were available. Rarely this is still performed if the patient needs an open procedure for other reasons. However, due to the higher success rate of the TVT and TOT, even incontinent patients requiring open procedures generally get the TVT or TOT if possible by combining an open and minimally invasive transvaginal approach.