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Why do I need a UroGynecologist?

Urogynecology takes a comprehensive approach to managing pelvic disorders that previously required women to see multiple specialists depending on the location of their issue.  A problem with the bladder may have been referred to a urologist, problems involving the uterus may have been seen by a gynecologist, and a colorectal surgeon may have dealt with rectal problems. Yet, all of these organs share the same connective tissue, the same nerves and the same blood supply. They all influence each other and problems are thus complicated to treat. The awareness of this is how the subspecialty of Urogynecology came about. UroGynecologists provide the expertise in treatment of the entire female pelvis.  

Board-certified urogynecologists evaluate and treat these issues with greater frequency than non-specialists which results in a higher level of expertise and the highest chance of long-term treatment success. For example, with a traditional surgery for a prolapse repair (native tissue bladder repair) the failure rate is approximately 30 percent. A subspecialist with advanced training can perform surgery with a much higher success rate as well as comprehensive treatment options in the event of future problems. Complex female pelvic conditions call for a board certified surgeon with more advanced training.

Many women aren’t aware there are treatments for female pelvic problems which can be embarrassing and may even lead to other medical problems if not treated. Routine physical examinations often don’t screen for pelvic floor disorders. Women who are experiencing symptoms need to know who to ask for help.  Symptoms like leaking or vaginal bulges are not a normal part of aging. Urogynecology specialists are skilled in treating these complex issues. Women who take an active role in their own care will find that their problems are not unique and a consultation with a board certified UroGynecologist can provide them with a variety of options - both surgical and non-surgical – for restoring their quality of life.